Exilis ELITE for Fat Reduction and Body Contouring


If you diet, exercise and take good care of your body but still have isolated areas of localized fat that resist your best efforts, we have some good news. Exilis ELITE is a new radio-frequency technology that reduces isolated areas of fat while tightening the skin. Using radio frequency energy, this device offers twice the power and effectiveness of the original Exilis device that is sometimes used at media-spas or salons. With the new Exilis ELITE, you can achieve better results in half the number of treatments with a new advanced safety control. In essence, better results at half the cost! While not a replacement for surgery, for those seeking a non-surgical solution to small areas of fat on the face, neck, body, legs, arms, back and knees or those who wish to improve skin tone and quality, Exilis ELITE is a great alternative. Exilis ELITE may also be used as a post-procedural adjunct to surgery to help improve and maintain results. Exilis ELITE is a second generation device that delivers twice the power and effectiveness of the original.


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